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[6] Beck icons

Just a handful of simple icons, made for roleplaying purposes but shared because I kinda dig 'em and thought some of you might, too.

- Credit on icons is always appreciated, but isn't required. If you do credit, please make it to [ profile] circa77.
- Textless icons are not bases. Please don't alter.
- Share!
- Enjoy!

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...apparently LJ has done something to screw with the layout. Hrm. Well, I guess it's about time for a new one anyway.

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Subject: Beck
Theme(s): rose, crash & burn, hero, don't leave, tears, beautiful, bliss, memory, breakdown, thinking of you, black, blue, alone, cool
Credits: Every, last one of my Beck pics was snagged from, which totally rocks. All lyrics used on icons are copyright -- you guessed it -- Beck.
Song Download: Lost Cause

Credit isn't required, but if you do, please credit [ profile] circa77. Thanks!

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Six Beck icons.

-Credit isn't required, but if you do credit, make it to [ profile] circa77.

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