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Please note: This community was imported from LJ, where it had lived for a very long time. Many posts will have incorrect links; if a link takes you to LJ, ignore it. Older posts may have broken images, but I keep them as a record. If the icons you're looking for still exist, they will be at the archive. If they're not there, it means they're super old and you don't want them, trust me.


The Rules

  • Don't claim my work as your own.

  • Be polite.

  • Give credit where asked.
    • Regarding icon credit: I don't require comments or credit for use of my icons. However, remember that providing credit isn't just about noting who made an icon, it's helpful to other people who see your icon and might want to see more of the same. Plus, it's super simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find more of your icons/graphics?
    The Circa 77 Archives. I've had this community for a long time, so there has been some moving around, changing domains, etc. All graphics available will be located at the archive. This occasionally even includes icons I've not gotten around to posting yet.

  • What software do you use to make graphics/icons?
    Currently, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 with the Topaz Plug-in Suite. Many moons ago, I used Corel Photopaint 12.

  • May I add my name/text/animate this icon?
    I typically prefer that you not, but you're welcome to ask. I do sometimes make exceptions.

  • May I use your icons someplace other than DW/LJ/IJ?
    Absolutely, have at it.

  • May I feature your icons on my website/fansite?
    Sure, provided you don't claim that they're yours. In that instance, I would also appreciate credit and a heads-up.


I take requests for icons ONLY. You may request icon batches by commenting to this entry using the form below. I do not guarantee that I will make your icons, but I will consider it next time I feel like making icons. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST link me to high resolution pictures or screencaps. It's only fair that you do this legwork if you're asking me to make you icons.

Please remove the instructions in (parentheses) before commenting.

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