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I'm sure that the non-BoB fans are probably sick to death of me posting nothing but BoB-related icons lately, but please bear with me -- When inspiration hits, I try to strike while the iron is hot. There will be some Doctor Who icons soonish, as I have the set about half finished (My anxiety over the forthcoming series is making me skittish XD).


I'll be making BoB icons this afternoon, so I thought I'd take any specific requests for characters or pairings, if anybody cared. Let me know, and I'll try to oblige as best I can.

As always, requests are only for people who have the community friended. That's only fair.
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Please note: This community was imported from LJ, where it had lived for a very long time. Many posts will have incorrect links; if a link takes you to LJ, ignore it. Older posts may have broken images, but I keep them as a record. If the icons you're looking for still exist, they will be at the archive. If they're not there, it means they're super old and you don't want them, trust me.

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